Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Oklahoma Crossing

Well, believe it or not, but I added a state to my list of states traveled (in the saddle) on my recent 5,348 road trip. The state is Oklahoma.

Over the years of touring, I just never had a cause to go to or even ride through that state.Seems like I've always been either north or south of Oklahoma during my travels. However, on this recent trip, I found myself in the Ozark Mountains, very near the Oklahoma border, with plans heading toward New Mexico and then Arizona ... so through Oklahoma we went.

Here's a look at my updated states visited map.

What can I say about Oklahoma? Well, perhaps it was the windiest state I've ever ridden through. Dang! Then the wind didn't let up when I crossed into Texas all the way to Amarillo. However, the wind was northern through Oklahoma and southbound through Texas.

From my stay in the Ozarks as discussed in the previous post, I rode to Shamrock, Texas (right on the Texas/Oklahoma border) then to Roswell, New Mexico, then to Willard, New Mexico. Looked something like this...

Once in Shamrock, I found an el'cheapo Inn on Historic Route 66 for the night and from there rolled down to Roswell, New Mexico the next day.

I went to Roswell, not to see if I could meet any aliens, but to ride a scenic desert road up to Willard, New Mexico (just south of Albuquerque). Basically it was 265 North out of Roswell to 42 West to Willard. Almost exactly 200 miles. The route was just okay; I'd skip this ride if I it came up again, but here are some photos.

US265 onto SR42W. At this point you are out-there! Man, there is nothing on top of nothing out there.

I did hit the 15,000 mile mark out in the New Mexico desert. Ultimately, I'm well past 18,000 by the time I got back to Tampa.

The New Mexico desert was a nice 200 mile ride. The main thing about trips like this that are so long is that you want to get off the Interstates every once in awhile. Slow down, ride the local rides. Don't get lost though!

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