Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ozark Pig Trail

The second leg of my Fall road trip was a stop in the Ozark Mountains in northwest Arkansas. Coming directly from the Barber Fest in Birmingham/Leeds, I rolled the entire 504 miles to Ozark, Arkansas in a single day so I could have a full day on the Famous Ozark Pig Trail and a number of other roads in the Ozark Mountains.

I'd worked up a 110 mile Tyre map to ride the next day (Sunday), starting in Ozark and ending in Clarksville, to the east. The loop started on Arkansas Highway 23 (aka, the Ozark Pig Trail Scenic Byway).

A little research determined that the Pig Trail acquired its name as a shortcut for Arkansas Razorback fans traveling to Fayetteville to watch the game. It seems like every state has their Dragon comparable claim and the Pig Trail is that of Arkansas. Based on my travels, I'd say they're pretty darn close. Nineteen miles of pretty decent twisty, curvy, switchbacks, off camber, sweeps. However, like the real Dragon, the better roads seem to be all around it.

...except for the road snakes!

The hills are very scenic...

...and it was really great to see the color of changing seasons. We don't get that here in Florida.

There was a little construction, but there was hardly anyone  (car, motorcycle, bicycle) out there which I found surprising. Other than the construction, these were some nice motorcycle roads!

Ah, more color.

Like I said, the Pig Trail is pretty decent, but the rest of the ride was great motorcycle riding. The roads were good and they were full of sweepers, left and right. There's a lot more 'shplorin to do in the Ozarks and I am already planning a separate trip there for next year.

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