Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Texas Hill Country

My last excursion on my 2015 Fall Road Trip was a ride through the Texas Hill Country, just west of San Antonio, Texas. Below is my Tyre map that starts in Kerrville, Texas and rolls out to pick up the Famous Three Sisters Loop.

The overall loop was 226 miles and I came across two serious motorcycle accidents. One of the accidents was a blown up Harley Bagger with a dude precariously wedged under the guardrail. It was eerily similar to a scene I recall on the CherryColaSkyway back a number of years ago. When those baggers come apart, they come apart in a lot of pieces! Both dudes from both accidents seemed conscious as I rolled by. Hope it stayed that way.

I have, in fact, been on the Three Sisters once before, but never the whole deal. Back in 2012 I rode in the Inaugural Texas Adventure Challenge which was a two-day, 600 mile, mostly-overland ride from Junction to Del Rio and back. The southern direction of the challenge on Day One had us on some part of the Three Sisters (as I was told at the time), although I'm not sure where. Whatever, I've now had a chance to ride the whole deal and can say that it was a real pleasant experience.

Onward to some photos of the loop...

One of the things from this trip and from what I remember of the 2012 Texas Challenge was all the shallow water crossings. I didn't have any water crossings on this trip, but you could see where  they were. In the Hill Country they don't make bridges, you just roll on the through and get your boots wet! Kewl!

BTW, do you know to stand or sit during a water crossing? Don't answer if you're from Texas as of course you guys do.

So I understand that this is the place where they brought all the dinos when Jurassic Park bombed out.

Seriously, there are  bunch of ranches out there. I think some are game hunting ranches.

This was a frequently encountered sign.

This picture was cool because the Flood Gauge to the right puts into perspective the potential water height on these roads.

Much of the east side of the Three Sisters was tight curvy mountainous roads. The east side seemed like a continuous roller coaster ride.

I was out on this loop during the weekend and there were a lot of other riders out having a great time. The Hill Country is a great place to ride!

So, this was the hotel I stayed at in Luling, Texas on my way home. You've got to love a hotel that keeps a car bench seat next to its front door. It could only be better if it were a plaid couch.

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