Sunday, March 29, 2015

Outgoing Equipment

I've already agreed with my dealer to trade my 2012 Kawasaki Versys 650 toward the new Versys 1000. I've ridden the little Versys for a little over two years; all commuting and short range trips. It's in immaculate shape and runs like a champ. I got a pretty decent trade value so I can avoid wading through the Craigslist cess pool trying to sell it.

I've never had a single issue with the Versys650, warranty or otherwise. Its parallel twin engine is a hard working power plant that won't let you down. Low gearing was always and issue with the bike though. I'd always been right on the verge of changing out the 15t countershaft sprocket for a 16t to calm down the revs a little. Although I actually bought the new sprocket, I never installed it. Funny thing about parallel twins is that they take a few minutes to smooth out in higher speed, highway riding.

I would recommend the post-2010 Versys650 to anyone. It's been a true "versatile" performer.


Welcome to Versys Ventures, and more. I've set this blog up to chronicle my hands-on experiences with my soon-to-arrive 2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT (KLZ1000BFF, "V1000LT"). Arrival should be soon as I know that the crated motorcycle was received by my dealer two days ago and, of course, they want a delivery by months end to help meet their numbers; so we're looking at Tuesday, March 31, two days from now. That works for me!

2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT
Although the Versys 1000 has already been available in several international markets, the 2015 model V1000LT that is being introduced in the U.S. and internationally is a completely new sport-touring production model. As I sought out a new steed to end a two year touring hiatus, the Versys immediately attracted me by its distinctive styling and hi-tech features (ABS, Traction Control, Multi-Mode) that bore close resemblance to those on my last touring model, in that case an adventure tourer that carried me 25K miles in a single year including a trip from Florida to Deadhorse/Prudoe Bay and return. Ride control on the Versys was basically effortless, the bike's 1043cc IL4 has the power to handle anything the tourer would encounter and ergos were perfect to my form. Icing on the cake was its factory fitment of generous sized, 28 liter cases and a fairly decent luggage rack for my roll bag. That really just left the color. I could have had the ebony model sitting on the showroom floor, but the burnt orange beckoned. I think it will be worth the wait.

My riding plans are a little sketchy at the moment, but I didn't purchase this motorcycle to putt around Florida (aka Flatistan), too much. I've been doing just that the last couple years riding/commuting on my 2012 Versys 650 (which, btw, has been an awesome and outstanding local, short-range motorcycle). Rather, there are a number of places that I frequented in the past and am looking forward to visiting again; there are a number of places that I want to go and things that I want to see. Hopefully, this blog will help me keep track of what all I did.