Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Little Versys

I was visiting my Dealer in Brandon, Florida recently and what did I see on their used old 2012 Little Bumblebee Versys. I'd traded it in on the 2015 Big Versys 1000 and it had sold, but now it was back. Still had all my decals, too.

The little Versys is an excellent motorcycle. It has a 650cc parallel twin...same engine as the Ninja 650. It worked out well as a regional commuter and hooligan motorcycle. I personally wouldn't want to take it cross country or do an Iron Butt with it although I know that some  motorcyclists have with great success. I really kind of miss it.

For however long it stays up, here's a LINK to the dealer's listing. Under 10,000 miles and under $5,000.



Wow! That's such a nice little motorcycle to be sitting there like that. I noticed that the threads in the seat cover were coming undone. Too long out in the Florida sun.

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