Thursday, April 23, 2015

Puig Touring Screen 5999F

As mentioned in a previous post, I decided to replace the stock screen on my 2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT. The stock screen was right on the border of being acceptible and, thinking about the many touring miles I have planned, I ultimately decided that an investment in some more coverage would be worth it. In addition, I threw in the criteria of a smoked screen for better appearance on my burnt orange Versys.

I reviewed a number of screens and the short list comprised the Puig Touring Screen and the CalSci Tinted Shorty. Both of these screens seemed to fit my needs; both are tinted, both have a reasonable, and not excessive, size. I've noted that some screens (that I won't mention) are so big that they take away from the great appearance of the Versys. Also, the pricing was very reasonable (Puig = $138, CalSci = $125).

Ultimately, it came down to the basic structure and the dimensions (discussed below) and I went with the Puig, Model No. 5999F. I bought it from Revzilla. After applying a $5 credit, the total price was $133 with free shipping.

Actual dimensions for the Puig Touring Screen (Stock Screen Comparisons) are:
  • Material Thickness = 3mm
  • Screen Angle = 63 degrees (66 degrees)
  • Height of Total Screen, Top to Bottom = 19.5 inches (14 inches)
  • Width at Widest Point, side to side = 19.5 inches (16 inches)
  • Width at Top = 12.5 inches (9 inches)
  • Width at Mid-point, top of side flares = 15 inches
  • True Screen Height, distance the screen rises above the bike's dash/crown/cowl:
    • At lowest screen setting = 13.5 inches (8.75 inches)
    • At highest screen setting = 16.5 inches (11.75 inches)
    • Net increase in Puig over the Stock Screen = 4.75 inches
Actual comparo:

True Height (Actual Protection) Measurement:

Screen Angles:


Replacement of the stock screen is a simple <5 minute exercise. There are only six allen bolts requiring a 4mm hex key. Four of the allen bolts are above and directly below the two level-adjusting knobs on the front of the screen. The other two are under plastic caps inside of each of the knobs. The caps pop off with a flat head screwdriver and from there you can access the allen heads.

The knob is threaded to the base, so once the allen bolt inside the knob is removed, turn the knob to loosen and remove or tighten and reinstall. It may require two hands to loosen the knob while holding the bracket, so another pair of hands at this point to hold the screen on both removal and installation may be in order. Don't over torque any of the bolts; they're only situated in rubber well nuts. Rather, tighten firm and then keep an eye on tightness over time (p.s. there's a 4mm hex key in the stock tool kit).

Viola! There you go ... the screen is installed.

Once the new screen is installed on the brackets, removal (for cleaning) is accomplished by (i) removing the bolts inside the locking knob and then (ii) unscrewing the locking knob.

Addition of the Puig Screen to the Versys 1000 is a first-rate modification to establish the motorcycle as a true touring model. The dimensions are preferable to both the stock screen and the extremely large screens for both the look and feel riding down the roads and highways. Plus, Puig is known for its great quality and this screen is no exception.

The "dark smoke" screen option that I purchased is the darkest of the two smoked offerings. Of course there's a clear screen offered by Puig as well as a total blackout screen. The dark smoke model is not as opaque as it may appear in some photos. Rather, I'd liken it to a pair of dark sunglasses. The photo below gives an indication of what the rider sees from the saddle with the screen in the lowest position (13.5 inches above the dash crown). It can be raised another 3 inches to 16.5 inches above the dash crown.

Overall, I'm very happy with the Puig Touring Screen. Money well spent to get the Versys 1000 ready for the open road.

P.S. I know you'll be in a big hurry to get the big sticker off the top/front of the Puig Screen. It provides cleaning instructions. It essentially says to clean the screen with a light soap (like car wash solution) and a soft sponge. Do not use amonia based products like windex or any glass cleaner, do not use dish soap that your mom uses on dishes, do not use fluids at gas stations, do not use paper towels to dry the screen, clean bugs off after every ride because some, like Aliens, have acid for blood. Just remember, like all plastic screens (including your visor) there's a plastic coating that once removed by abrasive towels or chemicals will result in scratching and deterioration. It's a great looking screen ... keep it that way.


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  2. Is the tint of the screen too dark at night? I like the look; better than a clear one, but wonder about visibility. I am only 5' 8" and probably would be looking through it more than others.

    1. If you have to look "through" the dark smoke screen, then yes ... too dark. It's the same tint as a tinted visor you'd get for a helmet. As you can see from the photos, from the saddle I have clear visibility over and on the sides; the nighttime blockage is an un-noticeable few feet in front of the motorcycle. It would be very easy to make a cut out from a scrap cardboard box to test whether you have the visibility. Using my measurements at low setting, cut out a template 8.75 inches high, 12.5 inches wide at top and 15 inches wide at the bottom (use mid-point measurement for bottom because the cutout is going to be placed on the dash crown where the actual screen extends lower). Sit on the bike and have someone hold that cut out "straight-up" on the dash crown. You'll know exactly what your visibility will be. Maybe put the bike on the center stand and see what various riding positions will be. If you don't like it, Puig does have a lighter smoke tint option too. Good luck and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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  4. Hi,

    Thank you for your review. I saw a comment on another website from another 2015 versys rider who was sufferig with the origional Kawasaki handguards and his puig 5999f. His issue was that he couldn't use his whole steering range without scratching the screen with the handguards. Is that a problem you have too? Or failed that guy just in mounting the screen.

    Greetings from The Netherlands

    1. The stock handguards come 25-30mm short of touching the Puig Touring Screen at any level. It's never been an issue of discussion among the Versys 1000 LT owners. However, there was a review in Revzilla by a gentleman that reported such a conflict. We don't know whether he was referring to a V1000 or a V650, as the screen and Revzilla's listing applies to both models. Other modifications like different handlebar bends and risers may be in play also. It's all just speculation, though. If you stop into the International Versys 1000 owners group, I don't think you'll find any of the hundreds of owners that experienced such a problem. Regards.

  5. Hi... How tall are you please? I ask as I am 6 1" and am keen on purchasing this screen. I prefer the look of the dark smoke but am trying to work out if I will see over the top or whether I will need the light smoke. Thanks in advance. Rich

    1. 5'9" I see over and around it fine. On the highways I adjust the screen half way up the track. Once off the highways, I drop it down to the lowest position. No problems with visibility.

    2. Ok thats good to hear. Thanks very much for that. Your bike looks sensational. One more question if you don't mind... I have read online (in reviews) that it is not possible to achieve full steering lock with this screen when the Kawasaki hand shields are fitted on the 650... I see you have the 1000 but have you heard anything similar or experienced any such issue with the 1000? I see you have the hand shields too. Thanks again.

    3. The screen (at any level) and hand guards (separate or together) don't cause any interference setting the steering lock on the 1000LT.

  6. Do you get any buffeting from wind turbulence or do the wind go around your head?

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