Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tank Bag

I picked up another needed item for the 2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT today ... a tank bag. It's just a simple, but decent sized 10L Sedici bag at CycleGear with a map window. It has the main compartment and a smaller compartment on the back for my cell phone. This particular model came in a magnetic and a strap mounted solution. I went with the magnetic mounting for convenience. Like most other tank bag, the Sedici is not waterproof, but also like most others it comes with a rain cover. The dimensions are 6.5H x 12L x 9.5W and it cost about $60.

One of the little maintenance items I do on zippered bags and gear to prolong the lives is apply some paraffin (candle wax) to the zippers. These things tend to acquire a lot of dust and road grime so keeping them clean and lubed is a good measure. I grind the wax right into the links so the zipper continues to operate smoothly then I reapply the wax every six months or so.

Tank bags are handy resources, especially if, like me, you use printed maps and printed directions in addition to Nav devices. Personally, I go for the magnetic mounts (over straps) because it's much more convenient to fuel up. Some argue that they're more suseptible to theft. True, so don't leave it on your motorcycle. Mine has a little handle to convert it into a nice Man Purse. :)

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