Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tire Repair

As part of my adventure touring regimen, I got in the habit of carrying a wider variety of tools and a tire repair kit to be more self reliant out on the road and trails. That tire repair kit came in handy once as I was leaving a cross country adventure challenge in Junction, Texas. While filling up at a gas station, I noticed a big nail sticking in my rear Heidenau K50 Scout. I'd picked it up somewhere in the Texas deserts between Junction and Del Rio.

I was carrying a very simple tire plug kit, such as you'd find at any auto parts store, and a Slime air compressor. So I pulled the nail, plugged the hole and inflated the tire, which got me all the 1,300 miles back to Tampa where I had my dealer replace it.

While I don't carry as much stuff today as I did hauling through the deserts and mountains on adventure-class dual sports, I still have my tire repair kit on hand. It includes my old Slime compressor and a fresh set of tools and gummy plugs that I got at Advance Auto Parts for around $6.00.

To power the compressor, I wired a simple 2-pin flat connnector directly to the battery with a large blade fuse holder. As these units have a considerable draw, I carry some spare fuses in case one blows. Always mount your lead on the side opposite of the side stand so it's more easily accessible. This lead can also be used as a battery tender cable.

Everything fits neatly under my seat, so I'll always be ready to fix a tire puncture on my travels.

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