Friday, May 22, 2015

Puig Pro Frame Sliders

I'd previously installed a set of Puig Pro Frame Sliders on my 2012 Versys 650. I picked the Pro Frames over many alternatives because they are securely frame mounted and unobtrusive. In other words, they seemed to look like part of the bike. I was glad to have the sliders installed when my son dropped the little Versys in the parking lot at school. Not a scratch was incurred on the cowl or shell. However, the brake lever got bent and required replacement and the right rear passenger handle took a scrape.

Naturally, I wanted to purchase a set of the Puig Pro Frame Sliders for my new 2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT. At first I found that they weren't available in the States. Then I got a tip that Revzilla had one set, but it wasn't showing up in the Garage Fitment List although the listing said it fit the 2015V1. So I jumped on it. Perfect deal considering I had $20 of Zilla Cash from my some previous purchases.

The part number is Puig 7071N, black with grey end pads. It did fit the 2015 Versys 1000. Here are some photos of the packaging and what comes in the packaging.

Installation of the slider requires replacement of the Lower Engine Bracket Bolts with 8MM allen bolts provided in the kit. Tool requirements are:

  • 14 mm socket and socket wrench with 3" extension to remove the stock Lower Engine Bracket Bolts.
  • 8 mm ratchet allen head and torque wrench.
  • 17mm open ended wrench.
  • Blue Thread Lock.

Installation requires removal of the Lower Engine Bracket Bolts.

The engine bracket bolts are replaced by the 8mm Allen Bolts provided in the kit. The torque spec provided in the Service Manual for the bracket bolts is 45NM or 33FT/LB. Since the bolt is an Engine-to-Frame bolt, thread lock is in order. I used blue Permatex.

Installation does not require removal of any fairing or other parts. The only issue is the routing of the clutch cable on the right side. I routed it over the top of the slider bracket but underneath the slider pad as shown in the next photo. Routing it underneath the slider bracket was doable, but it seemed to put a crimp on the cable.

Stepping back a little, you can see how unobtrusive the Puig Sliders are.

The sliders project 5-1/2 inches outward from the frame to which they're mounted to. While somewhat of an illusion in the photo, the sliders actually extend out to near the tips of the signal lights. The illusion is caused by the signal lights being forward of the sliders; i.e. closer to the camera than the sliders.

The price of the Pro Frame Sliders is $170 and, as mentioned, I had $20 of Zilla credits to knock that down to $150 (free shipping). There are cheaper alternatives, but these Pro Frame Sliders have proved their performance on a previous motorcycle and they're very unobtrusive compared to the alternatives. Overall, I'm glad to have them. I hope I don't need to give a report on how they worked in a tip, fall, or worse, crash.


  1. Excellent thread, very help full.
    thanks man.
    can you please share the torque table for the engine?
    please send me PM, we can share data, I have Versys 1000 2015 too.