Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sealskinz Gloves

The truly waterproof + breathable glove has long eluded me after decades of motorcycle touring, but I continue the hunt and probably will for the rest of my riding days.

I had previously seen a brand of sportsman glove online called Sealskinz that ran around $50; kind of pricey for a lightweight glove. This week I finally got to see them firsthand and try them on at a new Bass Pro Shop that recently opened in the Tampa Area. They seem like a fairly decent knit-type (not real seal skin) glove that is worth giving a try and cost $39.99. What the heck, I picked up a pair. I was thinking, if they didn't work for motorcycling I probably have hunting/fishing/camping uses for them.

In terms of sizing, I normally wear size large gloves, and my medium-duty Fly Racing Thinsulate Gloves (I have three pair) are actually extra-large. However, the Sealskinz medium seemed to be the proper fit, and not too tight either. Also, Sealskinz provides a thermal rating scale from 1 to 5 for their products and these particular Sealskinz had a 1 rating; perfect I thought for most year-round Florida conditions and good for my summer/spring/fall travels out of state.

I'll put these gloves to the test on my next trip up to the Smoky Mountains next week. Stay tuned...

As mentioned, I have other medium duty cold/wet weather gloves. Below is a photo of the Fly Racing Thinsulate gloves, which I have three pair of. I used these gloves on a trip to Alaska where I encountered extreme cold and freezing rain many times. The Fly Racing gloves, while claiming to be waterproof and wind resistant, were good for about three cold and rain. Plus the bike I was on had handle/brush guards! Anyway, after getting acquainted with one pair of these gloves I bought two more pair to trade out on the long days up to Alaska. Seems to be my experience with motorcycle gloves.

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