Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Chain Lube

When I took my bike into my dealer to have the tires replaced, I got a boatload of shit about not properly taking care of my chain. I'd actually thought I was, but apparently not. The replacement chain on my 2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT is over $400 at BikeBandit; darn good reason to take care of the thing. However, the dang maintenance interval recommends cleaning and lubrication every 400 miles. That's easy enough when I'm in town, but even then I've been known to do better than 500 miles days.

Anyway, I use a Stockton Minister Chain Brush to clean the chain and this particular brush has the full approval of my dealer's service department. This is a simple tool and the U-Shaped end works well. Not sure what the brush on the other end is for, but I also use a wire brush on the sprocket when I notice the build up. The tool cost $8.00 at Cycle Gear and makes cleaning pretty easy. I do not use any cleaning chemicals on the chain.
Out on the road though, I'm now fully committed to be prepared to do the chain maintenance also. For that I carry a roll of shop towels and a can of chain lube, leaving the chain brush home. Rather, the chain gets wiped and lubed pretty much on schedule.

Lay the towels down to soak up any lube that drips. No need to make a mess, now.

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